110V Indoor Teflon De-Icing Cable – 30m

Use this de-icing heating cable for a range of freeze protection applications including pipework, roofing and guttering. The cable can be attached along the length of the pipe or wrapped around vulnerable features such as stop taps and valves. During the cold winter months this heating cable will prove useful and beneficial by preventing the risk of water freezing throughout the property and can be utilized in both residential and commercial properties. This particular product is a teflon cable with a voltage of 110, resistance of 40.33ohm, power wattage of 300 and length of 30 meters.Type: Teflon
Length: 30 M
Voltage: 110 V
Power: 300 W
Resistance: 40.33 ohm

110V Indoor Teflon De-Icing Cable - 30m

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