Bird-X Heavy Duty Premium Bird Netting Ideal for Heavy-Duty Applications, 25′ by 25′

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How It Works

This Heavy-Duty, Premium Bird Netting is a professional grade solution to keep birds and other pests from entering, nesting, roosting, feeding, & damaging valuable property. Composed of tough ¾” thick polyethylene, this netting won’t deteriorate and will retain its strength for years to come. This completely maintenance-free solution seals out pests once installed, but still allows light and moisture inside.

Pests Repelled

Heavy Duty netting is strong enough to stand up to large animals including deer, dogs, raccoons, skunks, and coyotes – but tightly woven enough to keep out any pest smaller than ¾” in size, including barn swallows, pigeons, ducks, geese, seagulls and gulls, sparrows, starlings, woodpeckers, crows, blackbirds, grackles, cormorants, shags, bats, squirrels, rabbits, and many more.

Where to Use

The Heavy Duty Netting’s weatherproof durability makes it ideal for use nearly anywhere when properly installed. Popular areas include gardens, trees, enclosed patios, balconies, vents, gutters, pipes, garages, homes, rooftops, fisheries, crops, vineyards, and many others.


To best install Heavy Duty Bird Netting, block off the preferred area using Bird Net Mounting Clips (purchased separately) or use another Installation method such as screws, nails, adhesive, cable, or velcro. Do not simply toss netting over plants as this can cause pest birds and other animals to become fatally entangled. For assistance with installation visit our website or inquire with our customer service department. Lenth of this product is 25′ by 25′.Highest available grade bird netting for professional or residential applications
Creates a physical barrier that keeps pest birds and animals out
Allows light & moisture through
Maintenance-free, humane, and long-lasting bird netting solution
100% Effective at blocking pests over 3/4″ in size

Bird-X Heavy Duty Premium Bird Netting Ideal for Heavy-Duty Applications, 25' by 25'

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