Bug Zapper Electronic Indoor Insect Mosquito Killer Zapper Eliminator with 2W LED New Technology UV Light – Save 90% Energy by Meek

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Meek™ Electric Indoor Bug Zapper not only includes the old traditional zappers’ great features and advantages, but also has the new technology which old ones don’t.
– UV bulbs to attract flying insects, which emit a 365nm wavelength, which has been scientifically proven to be highly attractive to insects, as it falls within their natural viewing wavelength.
– Electric grid is connected with an instant 2800 voltage, the highest voltage in market which is power enough to kill the flying insects immediately.
– LED bulbs only spend 2W power consumption, 10 times lower than the traditional 20W’s products, their life time can be 2~3 years so you won’t need to spend extra money to buy spare units for replacement. It will save your 90% power comparing with the normal ones!

Other features:
This Insect Killer opens front and back to catch flying insects coming from anywhere, makes the outer layer to be sturdy and safe by blocking users’ finger to touch the killing grid.

Keep it away from Children or pets!
* While unpack this bug zapper, please pull out the outlet to pick the plug out first.

Limited quantities are selling, order it now to start using the most power saving bug zapper!

Simple, but better.

USEFUL INSECT ATTRACTION: 2 UV LED bulbs emit a 395nm wavelength, which has been proven to be highly attractive to insects such as flies, mosquitoes and other flying insects
ULTRA ENERGY SAVING & SUPER DURABLE: Thanks to the LED technology, there is no need to replace the bulbs any more as the LED bulbs have much longer life time than the normal bulbs, so you won’t need to buy the spare bulbs for replacement; Only total 2W(1W per bulb) power consumption, helps to save power in 10x than normal zappers
POWERFUL 2800V SHOCK: Highest but safe Voltage is connected to the electrically charged metal grid, to ensure the insects can be zapped and killed instantly
100% SAFETY FOR ALL INDOOR USING: Despite the powerful electrical grid, the Electronic Insect Killer is safe for home, workplaces, hospitals, hotels, retail stores, restaurants, warehouses or any other indoor places’ use. The grid is surrounded by a protective cage; No ZAP sounds
EASY CLEANING – Features one chain, designed for wall mounting to keep out-of-reach of children and pets; Dead insects get collected at the tray at bottom of unit, which can be easily removed for cleaning; able for operating 24/7; Non-clogging and easy to clean the electric grid and trays

Bug Zapper Electronic Indoor Insect Mosquito Killer Zapper Eliminator with 2W LED New Technology UV Light - Save 90% Energy by Meek

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